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If you’re over 40 and tired of conforming, I say it’s time.

And YOU know it!

You’ve felt it – a readiness for something MORE.

You’re at the beginning of your second spring, and you’ve done it ALL right:

…followed the rules
…been a good girl
always there for others

But secretly, yoU’ve been wondering: is THIS it?

You’ve had this quiet intuition, an inner knowing, that there’s something more to this life.

And you’re HUNGRY for it!

You desire to feel ALIVE and fully you.

You want to feel vibrant and express ALL the parts of YOU.

The rulebreaker YOU has been dormant, but she is here!

Enough with living the life of somebody else!

It is YOUR time to be bold. To be confident. To be YOU.

It is time to connect with your inner rebel and become who you’re meant to be.


  • Could stop looking for validation and answers outside of yourself
  • Knew how to tune into your innate inner knowing
  • Weren’t afraid to believe in yourself
  • Were able to prioritise yourself
  • Could unapologetically take up more space

How amazing that would be!


Becoming You – The Next Evolution

A 13-week online course to become the rulebreaker you were born to be.

Join other revolutionary womxn in this live online group coaching container.

Connect to your P*$$Y intuition in a more profound way, and learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance.

Get the answers you’re looking for from within you!

Investment: 6550 ZAR / 655 USD (payment plans available)


Hello, I’m Sonja McKaiser

For the longest time I was looking outside of myself for answers. I’ve always been very intuitive, but for some reason, I felt that I needed external validation, instead of trusting myself and the guidance within. Yet, I had this constant feeling that something was missing. When I started asking, “What am I missing? What is it that I’m looking for?”, the message that I would receive over and over again, is you already know. And that’s when my life started to shift. And now, I want to share that with other womxn like me who want to become bold, confident, and believe in themselves.

I’m excited to hold space for you to commit to your healing, and become the next version of YOU! The YOU who trusts yourself, the YOU who knows your worth. The YOU who gives yourself permission to put yourself first. The YOU who takes up space. The YOU who owns your power. The YOU who is magnetic AF! Are you ready to go on an adventure within?

You have it in you.


what you get:

  • The programme has 10 modules
  • 1 workbook per module with exercises and journaling prompts
  • Modules are released every Monday
  • A 60-minute group coaching call every Wednesday at 8PM SAST
  • There’s an integration week halfway through, and a celebration call at the end of the programme.
  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can share your journey inbetween coaching calls. Additional bonuses will also be shared in the Facebook group.

This is your time to be MORE you!

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Becoming You is all about embracing your next evolution and becoming YOU. Not society’s version of you. Not your family’s version of you. Not a version of you cloned from what someone else is doing on Instagram…but the YOU that makes you proud. The YOU that exists under all the layers of conditioning and trauma and feelings of not good enough. The YOU that is found through healing, and discovering, forgiveness and release.

Do you mean besides making the commitment to show up for yourself like never before? 😉 The investment for this programme is ZAR 6 550 or USD 655. And yes, there are payment plan options available.

Becoming You is a 13-week group coaching container.

Nope. Becoming You is completely virtual and you can join from anywhere in the world as long as you have strong coffee and a strong internet connection!

Coaching happens via Zoom.

Enrollment is currently open!

The programme kicks off on 18 September 2023.

The first call is on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 at 8PM SAST.

I am a guide, a torchbearer on the journey inward. I believe that we already have the answers we’re searching for, and sometimes just need the right questions. My job is to listen, and ask questions while you process what you are working through. My most prolific trait is that I am a catalyst, and innately want to support others. I hold space for you to be vulnerable, to heal, to dream, to explore and tap into your own intuitive guidance.

Becoming You has 10 modules.

Modules are released every Monday! You will receive a workbook with exercises and journal prompts for every module. Coaching calls take place on Wednesdays at 8PM SAST via Zoom. It is a 60-minute coaching call, which is recorded if you can’t make the live call. As a Becoming You participant, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can share your journey between coaching calls. Bonuses will also be shared in the private Facebook group.

To get the best results from this programme, my invitation to you is to commit to the process of becoming you. This is not only an investment of time, but energy, and emotional bandwidth. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you, and your schedule, but definitely prioritise attending the weekly coaching calls. I also highly recommend a daily mindset practice of at least 15 minutes for the duration of the programme.


We are not alone in our struggles, beautiful womxn. And community reminds us of this. During the programme, you’ll have the peace of knowing that the people in the community are going through similar experiences, even though everyone navigates coaching differently and experiences a unique breakthrough.

With inner work, comes resistance. If ever you’re unsure about this programme, I’d love to talk about what’s coming up for you! Please email me at Due to the nature of group coaching containers, and because I’m holding a special space for you once you book and pay, there are no refunds. Let’s work through any blocks you’re having so you can step into your power!

I will send you a Paypal link to process your payment safely.

Absolutely! Investing in ourselves is a big deal. I have 2-, 3-, and 4-month payment plan options available.

You will forfeit access to the programme until your payment plan is up to date. Kindly note that you are still liable for payment if you miss out on live modules due to non-payment.

I get it. Sisterhood wounds run deep. One of the boundaries I put in place in this container, is that we’re not about peer to peer feedback around here! Unsolicited advice is not helpful. And usually what we desire is to be witnesed in what we’re going through. However, if you are specifically looking for feedback, you’re welcome to post your request in the Facebook community.

Learn to trust your inner knowing and EMBRACE the revolutionary and rebellious YOU!

Enrol in Becoming You now.