Re-Vision : taking one step in the direction of your vision

Re-Vision : taking one step in the direction of your vision

212_Rezaine_Desai_PhotographyjpgI absolutely love Universal timing. I've been putting off launching Re-Vision for weeks for various different reasons, feeling disconnected, uninspired, alone, etc. This past weekend I realised that if I'm feeling this way, then surely others are too. 

I know that every moment of my life leads to my purpose. It is all part of the experience. It is all intentional. After chatting to a friend, I decided that it is time to do this course, even if I'm the only one showing up for it. 

This year has been challenging, to say the least. And it has also uncovered many gems. Things we may have taken for granted before, that we are now so grateful for.  Its been a year of shifts and transformation. We are no longer the same people we were at the start of 2020. We've changed, intentionally so. 

Re-Vision is intentional. I was going to put the programme on hold till next year but when I realised that marks the start of Sagittarius season, I knew this was the Universe saying to me, just do it! Sagittarius season is THE perfect time to connect back into your vision. Time to reconnect to your purpose. Time to remember your sacred why. Why are you here? Time to follow your curiosity. What light's you up? Time to take one step in the direction of your vision.

Re-Vision is a 4-week online container with 4 modules, one per week. There will be 4 weekly online sessions to connect with each other. There will also be weekly exercises as we dive a little deeper into what's beneath the surface. During this time we will be reflecting, dreaming, releasing and allowing.

This course is for YOU if:
- YOU are ready to hit the refresh button 
- YOU are ready to let go of all the shit that keeps you playing small
- YOU are ready to create space in your life 
- YOU are ready to connect to your heart's true desires
- YOU are ready to claim your dreams

Our first call is on Tuesday, 1 December. All weekly calls will be recorded so don't worry if you're not able to attend them all. The launch price is R2 222!

If this resonated with you, and you'd like to journey with me, click here to sign up:
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