"If you can dream it, you can do it. "

– Walt Disney

Goal Setting Course 

This course will help you create a clear vision of the life YOU want to live. Whether you have been in need of a kick-start to live the life you know you deserve, you are struggling with time management or you are ready to master your abundance mindset, this course was made to help you stop floundering and start thriving.

You may have spent a long time trying to find out what is holding you back, growing increasingly frustrated when you never seem to find the clarity you are seeking. Before you give up, you can learn how to take control over your destiny, with this specially designed course running from January to March 2019. 

Here's a sneak peek at what this course offers:

  • 4 two-hour long sessions, including 2 one-on-one sessions and 2 online sessions (Skype or Zoom)

  • Online sessions for those based outside of Cape Town

  • Interactive weekly assignments, from vision boards to goal setting and other growth-centred tasks

  • Full support, throughout the duration of the course

Regular check-ins will help you continue to align your mindset, helping you live your best life through actionable goals and planning. With limited spots available and flexible timelines that suit your availability, this course is not to be missed. 

(Payment plan available on request.)