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Tired of playing the supporting role in your life?

As a recovering good girl, I know what it’s like to have no real boundaries, and put the needs of others before my own. Many times, I struggled to step into my power because my conditioning taught me that to be powerful is to be mean, to be bossy, and aggressive. But I’ve come to realise that owning my power is being brave enough to play the lead role. Being brave enough to face my limiting beliefs, and uncover my true desires.

Evolution doesn’t have to be pretty to be magical.

Do you crave more for yourself and your future? But feel like you are not good enough? And like everyone is doing so much better than you? Like everybody’s transformation is a fabulous rag to riches story, while a filter can’t fix your shit? The struggle to say no, and longing for something better, but not being sure how to get it? I feel you, beautiful womxn. The last year has been one of deep introspection for many, and it can be difficult to navigate the ways you’ve changed when you don’t feel as confident as you used to be… Remember, surrendering all self-doubt, and becoming more you is not always beautiful. And sometimes we fear change because we want things to be perfect.

But what if we could normalise the funk, and witness each other in our messiness?


Becoming You is a guided journey illuminating your path while you do the inner work to manifest your desired future.

  • A journey where you can express how you’re feeling right now without guilt or shame.
  • …A journey where the answers aren’t all out there, but within you.
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It’s time to get your shift together!

We are constantly shifting, growing, changing and evolving. I know I’m not the same person I was a week ago, a month ago, a year ago! But sometimes, it can feel like change is happening to us, and not for us, right? Or like changing our mind means we’re broken, or taking a step back. What if you chose to be intentional about the change? What if you embraced your evolution? I won’t lie, coming into being is uncomfortable AF. You will want to throw in the towel and go back to your comfort zone. It’ll take courage, it will take commitment. Are you ready?

You no longer have to censor yourself.

What if you could rise from your childhood conditioning and trust your own wisdom? What if you could call in what you desire and finally be open to receive and expand like never before? What if you could give yourself permission to take up space – and release all that has been holding you back? Sis, no more what if’s! It’s time to lean in and discover the YOU you are becoming. It’s time to speak up, it’s time to heal. No more playing small. No more hiding. It’s time for your next evolution!

but wait – I’m not going to tell you how to fix your life!

Nope, it’s not that kind of party, beautiful womxn. Becoming You is not another programme telling you what to do, and I’m not a guru giving instructions from my pedestal! #justbeinghonestI’m here to guide, to hold space, to be a torchbearer on your journey inward. I ask the appropriate questions while you do your own processing. And the rest of the group? Sis, I know that sisterhood wounds are real! The Becoming You community is there to love on you, and witness you, and hold you in the space, but this is not a forum for unsolicited advice either. Becoming You is a safe space where you will learn to trust yourself, while fiercely knowing that you are not alone.

Becoming You – The Next Evolution

Becoming You is a ten-week, ten module live online group coaching container facilitated by me, Sonja McKaiser from Creating Space Coaching. Every week, you are invited to commit in a new way to this next version of you while also learning to trust what is here now instead of waiting for what is next. You will create your future timeline with the confidence that it all starts with you and that you are enough, you’ve always been enough.

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Becoming You is a safe space where you will learn to trust yourself, while fiercely knowing that you are not alone. 

what you get:

  • One ninety-minute group coaching call per week via Zoom on Thursdays at 7 PM SAST.
  • One workbook per week with exercises, journaling prompts and a video intro to the module.
  • Access to a Private Facebook group to share your journey, and your favourite playlist or coaching call snack!
  • Bonus affirmations, meditations and journaling prompts.
  • Week one begins on 7th June 2021, your first coaching call is on 10th June 2021.
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Hello, I’m Sonja McKaiser and I am excited to hold space for you to commit to your healing, and become the next version of YOU! The YOU that trusts yourself, the YOU who knows your worth. The YOU who gives yourself permission to put yourself first. The YOU who takes up space. The YOU who owns your power. The YOU who is magnetic AF! Are you ready to go on an adventure within?


Becoming You is all about embracing your next evolution and becoming YOU. Not society’s version of you. Not your family’s version of you. Not a version of you cloned from what someone else is doing on Instagram…but the YOU that makes you proud. The YOU that exists under all the layers of conditioning and trauma and feelings of not good enough. The YOU that is found through healing, and discovering, forgiveness and release.

Becoming You is a ten-week group coaching container.

Nope. Becoming You is completely virtual and you can join from anywhere in the world as long as you have strong coffee and a strong internet connection!

Coaching happens on Zoom.

Enrollment opens on 23rd May 2021 until 11th June 2021! Limited spots are available to keep things intimate, so book your spot now!

The programme kicks off on 7th June 2021.

The first coaching call is on Thursday, 10th June 2021.

I am a guide, a torchbearer on the journey inward. My job is to ask the appropriate questions while you process what you are working through. My most prolific trait is that I am a catalyst, and innately want to support others. I hold space for you to be vulnerable, to heal, to dream, to explore and tap into your own intuitive guidance. I’m not a guru with a soapbox!!!

Becoming You has ten modules, one module per week.

Modules are released every Monday! You will receive a module workbook with exercises and journal prompts, along with an intro video. Coaching calls take place on Thursdays at 7 PM SAST via Zoom. It is a 90-minute coaching call. We will spend 30 minutes discussing the week’s module, and then we’ll do actual coaching for an hour! As a Becoming You participant, you will have access to a Private Facebook group where you can share your journey between coaching calls. Bonuses will also be shared in the Private Facebook group.

I’m not going to lie. Inner work is hard work. And to get the best results from this programme, you need to commit to the process of becoming you. This is not only an investment of time, but energy, and emotional bandwidth. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you, and your schedule, but definitely prioritise attending the 90-minute coaching calls each week.

Yes, however, to get the best out of this programme, you should commit to attending the coaching sessions live each week.

Can I be honest sis? With inner work, comes resistance. If ever you are unsure about this course, I’d love to talk about what’s coming up for you! Please email me at hello@sonjamckaiser.com. Due to the nature of group coaching containers, and because I’m holding a special space for you once you book and pay, there are no refunds. Let’s work through any blocks you’re having so you can step into your power!

Do you mean besides making the commitment to show up for yourself like never before? The investment for this programme is ZAR 5555 or USD 555.

I will send you a Paypal link to process your payment safely.

Investing in yourself is a big deal. You are welcome to make 3 payments of USD 195 or ZAR 1950.

You will forfeit access to the programme until your payment plan is up to date. Kindly note that you are still liable for payment if you miss out on live modules due to non-payment.

We are not alone in our struggles, beautiful womxn. And community reminds us of this. During the programme, you’ll have the peace of knowing that the people in the community are going through the same experience, even though everyone navigates coaching differently and experiences a unique breakthrough.

I get it. Sisterhood wounds run deep. One of the boundaries I have in place at Creating Space Coaching, and in Becoming You, is that we’re not about peer to peer feedback around here! Unsolicited advice is not helpful at all and is strictly prohibited. However, if you are specifically looking for feedback, you’re welcome to post your request in the Facebook community.

Falling in love with who you are becoming starts here

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