How many times have you longed for something more, only to talk yourself out of it? Maybe you’ve needed to speak up at work but decided not to out of fear of retaliation. Maybe you’ve needed to ask for what you want in a relationship but worried about what the other person would think. Maybe you’ve thought about trying a lifestyle that is more aligned with your vision for yourself but then convinced yourself that you do not have enough time or that it won’t work so why bother?

What I’m really asking is…How many times have you visualised your next evolution, only to brush it off as you being too selfish, too picky or too ambitious? How many times have you decided to “just be grateful for what you have”? How many times have you imagined your future self, and then pushed her to the side so you can get on with real life? Personally, I’ve lost count. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said NO to myself, and YES to everyone else. But during the past 2 years I decided to step into my power and make myself the priority.

What if I told you that investing in yourself is key to stepping into your power? See, what I’ve realised is that the reason we sometimes struggle with investing in ourselves is that it requires us to confront our limiting beliefs. More than money and time, investing in our next evolution requires uncovering, discomfort, unlearning, healing, exploring, and affirming. And messiness!

And maybe that’s what has been holding you back? Maybe you’re afraid of the mess you’ll encounter when…you hire an accountant to sort out your taxes or you call up your mom to talk about what she said to you last weekend…Or when you sign up with a coach for guidance and support or even when you finally sit down with your thoughts for long enough to explore how it makes you feel? Messiness is part of the process of investing in yourself.

And as you evolve and become the next version of yourself, you will realise that it is not as linear or squeaky clean as you may have expected. And that’s okay. Investing in yourself might be messy, but it can still be gloriously beautiful and rewarding. You may not always get it right but what matter is that you get started. Somewhere. Anywhere. For you.

Messiness is so okay that I’ve dedicated an entire module to it in my signature group container Becoming You – the next evolution. This container is a safe, judgement-free zone where I guide you through and share with you some of the resources that are available the moment you decide to say YES to you, your desires, and your next evolution!! And before you disqualify yourself because of money, there are payment options available so you can ease your way into the container in a way that feels financially good for you.

Becoming You is currently closed for enrollment and return in 2023. Click here if you’d like to find out more in the meantime. Until then I’ll be here rooting for you through every messy, incredible, challenging, pleasure-filled part of your evolution!​

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