Sharing your story is your gift to the world. " 

- Sonja McKaiser

What's your story?

I'm Sonja and my mission is to create a safe space for women and girls so that they can be vulnerable, curious, and brave. And most of all, so they can share their stories.

I would love to help you connect with your creative side through expressive writing, as well as help you find clarity on your dreams & goals, and how to manifest them .

Do you keep finding yourself saying you’ll “get to it when you have the time” or telling yourself that you don’t “really need to do it” and almost every time you utter these words, you’re talking about taking time out for yourself? 

If this sounds like you, you probably NEED this time more than you think you do.

Taking care of ourselves isn’t just about eating right and getting enough rest, it’s also about nourishing that internal part of ourselves that yearns to do something fulfilling for our minds.

It’s about taking a bit of time from our busy lives and deciding to nurture ourselves. Most of our days are spent working, running errands and taking care of others, but sometimes we  need time to nurture our own needs and to treat ourselves with the love and care we deserve. 

At The Creative Space with Sonja, we get in touch with your creative side in two ways: through Expressive Writing and Vision Board Workshops

The Expressive Writing Workshop offers you the space to connect with you inner child, and rediscover memories that may be long forgotten. The workshop provides you with the safe space to express any feelings and emotions may come up during the process work.

During the Vision Board Workshops you will be given the space to really connect with your dreams and intentions and get to the bottom of what your personal goals and desires are. You will leave with something real and tangible to help you manifest those goals.