I’m OBSESSED with HELPING womxn RECLAIM midlife, and making it REVOLUTIONARY!

When I decided to focus my coaching business on supporting womxn in midlife, I was super excited!! To me it felt like coming home. What I didn’t expect is that not everyone is ready to celebrate getting older.  Someone even suggested that I refrain from using the word midlife in my content because of its negative association. Whaaaaat!? Ageing is a privilege! And as womxn, we have so much wisdom to share. We’re finally in our IDGAF era!! Why are we not embracing ALL of it? Midlife isn’t a crisis. It’s an INVITATION!!

It’s time we change the narrative. Words like midlife only have power if we give them power. Let’s dismantle this archaic belief that midlife is something negative. So if you’re between the ages of 39 and 65, welcome to midlife! Let’s stop allowing society to box womxn in midlife as OLD! If you’re with me, and I really hope you are, you’ve come to the right place coz I’m obsessed with making midlife REVOLUTIONARY. And if the word midlife brings up some stuff for you, I invite you to become curious, and explore what it’s all about.

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Today, ⁣take a moment, ⁣take a breath, ⁣take a look at yourself in the mirror, ⁣and listen to these beautiful affirmations as part of your morning ritual or any time of day.

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And if you’re new here, I’m The P*$$Y Catalyst. I support and hold space for womxn to connect to their P*$$Y intuition so that they can start falling in love with who they’re BECOMING!

I’m an ambivert, dog mama and a bit of a coffee snob. My Leo sun, Aquarius rising, Libra moon, Generator loves dancing, chocolate, Oracle cards and rituals. I indulge in baths as often as I can. It’s definitely in the top 3 on my pleasure list! I’m also a firm believer in taking daily dance breaks.

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