I’m a life coach, facilitator and NLP practitioner based in Cape Town, South Africa. I hold space for womxn to reconnect to their bodies and learn to trust their intuition (aka P*$$Y) so that they can fall in love with who they are BECOMING.

In 2017, after more than 20 years in the business arena, I decided to start my own brand, so that I could fulfil my innate desire to support womxn. Leading up to that decision, I worked with a coach, and it was a life-changing journey. It was just before my 40th birthday, and I was able to really process and talk through how I was feeling. I realised the importance of having the space to do that and the support. The space to have someone witness me and help me reframe things I had carried with me for decades. What initially started out as a 6-month journey flourished into a two-and-half-year relationship. I experienced so much growth and transformation during this time.

As your coach, my role is to be a guide, a catalyst on your journey inward. Here’s the thing, all the answers you are searching for already exist inside of you. Your P*SSY intuition is your inner compass, your inner guidance system. And by learning to access your intuition and trust the guidance you receive, you can experience the powerful transformation you seek.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt on this reclamation journey, is self trust. I trust my P*$$Y intuition. I trust that I know exactly what to do and say. And when I don’t, I trust that I will figure it out.

let’s figure it out together

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One of the things that helps us to connect to our P*$$Â¥ Intuition is giving ourselves permission to feel and express our emotions. Contrary to what we’ve been conditioned to believe, we no longer have to force it all down. We CAN let it out, safely!

If you need a safe space to express what you are currently experiencing, or if you’re curious about P*$$Y intuition and you desire to step into your POWER and own your MAGIC, but your inner critic is being a bit of a b!tch, and convinced you that this is not for you, why not book a FREE curiosity call.

This FREE curiosity call will answer any questions you may have about how I can support you. And remember beautiful womxn I am open to your Sacred YES and I am open to your Sacred NO. Your P*$$Y intuition will guide you, as it has guided you here today. So there’s no pressure, beautiful womxn!