Hey beautiful womxn, thinking about working with me? Here are some off-the-cuff things I’d like you to know about me.


So here’s the thing… I’m a HUGE advocate for taking regular dance breaks. Moving helps us move emotions through our bodies. It’s a powerful tool. I often incorporate this tool on coaching calls with my clients because dancing is an excellent way to reconnect to our bodies, and to move emotions through our bodies. It also gets the heart rate going. Dancing is especially helpful when you’re stuck in your head, overthinking and feeling overwhelmed…
So yes, if you haven’t taken a dance break lately, you’ll definitely have the opportunity sometimes to shake your booty during our coaching calls!


If you didn’t know by now, I’m a bit of a rebel, definitely a rule breaker. I call myself The P*$$¥ Catalyst. I must admit these past few months I’ve been saying P*$$¥ less and less… A few months ago I received feedback from someone who felt uncomfortable with me using the P word and my inner critic made it mean so much. It threw me off my path. But then I remembered who TF I am.⁣

I am Sonja MF McKaiser!!! I say things that may make you feel a little uncomfortable. I say fück a lot and P*$$¥. And whether these words are in your vocabulary or not, I’d like to give you a permission slip to embrace your inner rebel too. To be the rule-breaker. To say the things that may make some people uncomfortable, as long as you’re speaking your truth. This is what reclamation is all about!


Actually, the dread would kick in on Sunday evenings already. Then one Sunday I decided I no longer wanted to start the week with dread. It was a pattern that came from my childhood, and it no longer served me.

I realised that I had the power to change how I was feeling. So I made Mondays ‘My Day!’ Here’s what Mondays typically look like now. I don’t schedule any client appointments. Instead, I enjoy slow mornings. Slow living rocks! Sometimes I lie in, other times I enjoy a leisurely breakfast, puppy cuddles on the couch, a meditation with the hubster. Then I usually go for a walk on the beach, or journal, or dance. Or both! I follow the guidance of my P*$$¥ intuition. And it’s been such a game changer!!! ⁣

All of my coaching services are structured to give you the space and freedom YOU need to rebel up in at a pace that feels good for you – so if you’re needing support through your next level of healing, I’m currently offering a limited amount of FREE coaching sessions. Click the link below to get started.